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Have you ever done the wall crawl; walked into a dark room and inched your way along, patting the wall until you found the light switch? How about walking into the house with an arm load of groceries, and preforming a mini circus act at every light switch you come to? Imagine if you walked into the room and the lights came on automatically, or if one button at the door turned on a pathway of lights, right into the kitchen. With intelligent lighting control, all of that is possible and a whole lot more.

You can have timers set on fans, or schedules that turn exterior lights on and off at the right time, any day of the week. Settling down to watch a movie? Turn on the television, and watch the lights dim down to a comfortable level, press pause and watch the lights come back on. Perhaps the best part is all of this can be done using the existing wiring in your home, so anyone can add the convenience of lighting control.

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